Activated Carbon also known as the Activated Charcoal is a material that has been produced from different carbon sources. A magical chemical reaction occurs when carbon sources of this Eg. Coal, Coconuts or Wood are cooked at a high (really high) temperature of around 1,800°F. From there, all harsh compounds disappear and tons of good ones are added in. Not just that, the surface area expands full of tiny pores that are perfect for adsorption!

This adsorption is not the same with the common absorption we know! (though it might sound identical). Adsorption attracts a substance and traps it on a surface. While absorption soaks in all the substances, like a sponge soaking in water.

Here are the 3 benefits of Activated Charcoal that people merely know:

1. Absorbs Odors
The activated charcoal attracts odors, toxins and chemicals which then traps them inside. Let’s make it in a simple way, that it actually works like a vacuum that sucks away the icky smells. When all the bad odors have been taken away, there will only be good smell!

This works really well in the fridge, garage, car and even in that smelly gym bag (thanks to the stinky minky socks) of yours!

2. Detoxifies Skin
Get a clean, smooth and beautiful skin with the activated charcoal. If you have a major problem with the acne, you should try this as it will sucks out all the dirt right from your face and clears your blemishes away! We know one that can help you with this and of course without ripping off your purse. Check out Nadear to try out their bamboo charcoal claymask.

3. Makes Food Last Longer
Yes. Activated Charcoal sucks out all the toxins in the air which then will protect your food from all those unwanted substances that will only make your food spoil. By this, you can be save from eating those tiny particles and get a lower chances of getting sick.

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