We have received tons of request every week to list out our Top 5 Best Products in house! For that, we will always keep you ladies updated with what’s currently hit in our online store just for you! Hassle free because we are helping you finalising the best products yet affordable (with best buy price in town) by just scrolling down here.

Pick of the Week

1. BODY (Brooklyn Bodycare Sparkling Pink Bath Salt)
You know your days will be good with a good morning start for the week right? Start everything in your shower by elevating your morning mood with a good aroma from this beautiful bath salt.

Brooklyn Bodycare Sparkling Pink Bath Salt is an aromatically amourous blend of pure essential oils in mineral rich Himalayan Sea Salt. What else you need for a fresh start other than this beautiful sparkling pink Himalayan Sea Salt? With it’s beautiful, calming and soothing smell, this is a must have item in your bath ladies. Get yours here.

2. HEALTH (Teatox - Curvalicious)
We all wanted to have a good look without spending hundreds RM of yours and doing surgeries right? How about go for a natural way with a teatox ladies?

Save your money with this 15 Day Curvalicious Teatox as you can use 1 teabag for day & night. No more wastage, save your money more and get your look back in shape in no time. Infused with the lovely aroma and taste from Roselle, Lemon, Garnicia Cambogia and add up with Lotus Leaf just to ensure that you will lose inch(es) after drinking this. Get one here today while stock last!

3. FACE (Charmante Infinity Intense Care Ampoule)
Admit this, how much do you think the price will be after hearing the word of "Ampoule"? People assumed for only rich ladies have this on their dressing table or secret wardrobe as their main secret of having a healthy, beautiful, moisturise and perfect skin.

With Charmante Infinity Intense Care Ampoule, now you can too! A set for 10-day programme is all you need for a better skin, better you with a better price! We heard your wish ladies, on how to get that perfect skin that every artist have been keeping it as a secret. Get one here with their special price before it’s too late!

4. MOISTURISER (Bluebell Night Moisturiser)
Do you know that moisturiser should be important as your lipstick is to you? As this will help to boost your skin hydration, prevent flaking and dullness and most importantly it helps to create a protective layer of moisture that last all day. Some even say, if you keep on with this, it will help anti-aging work better on you!

Bluebell Night Moisturiser is all you need to lock away its stem cell, collagen and vitamin to give you the moist that your skin needs. The stem cells that are extracted from plants are an effective anti-aging agents that will help to reduce pigmentation and preserve skin elasticity. Trust me it will be an all night long to list out this cute pocket size moisturiser. Grab one here today.

5. FRAGRANCE (Argania Ardelia Ea De Perfum)
Other than lipsticks, heels and nice dress. One thing that women can never live without is perfume. I get you ladies. We all need that sweet smell that surely last for hours (as we all have tight schedule - right?) .

Argania Ardelia Eu De Perfum is the answer. Comes with a handy petite size and with the price that is never a waste for you to spend on. Feel good and smell good with this lovely Ardelia Eu De Perum here.

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