Dr X Nvdism Serum

While all good things in makeup seems like a must have for we, as a lady. One thing that you must not forget is to have a serum. The best serum of all is to have one that can make sure your skin is good as always and protect your skin.

Dr X Nvdism Makeup Serum is a makeup serum that comes with a facial treatment lifting effect. With 24K Gold, I’m sure no women can resist this. Enriched with the goodness from the Argan Oil, Dr X Nvdism Makeup Serum act as your all time makeup savior of makeup based/primer. Selling fast now, get one here today!

Freesya Miracle DD Cushion

For a life savvy women who wants everything to be done on the go in less than a minute, a quick makeup on the go is a must right?

Freesya Miracle DD Cushion is a compact on the go makeup kit you must have. Blend perfectly to your skin with its three different shades, the perfect cushion for Asians all the time. Gives you the luminious and fresh look face you ever wanted with the goodness from Argan Oil. Buy one now with free shipping, right here.

La'DR Shazreeyana Shukri Quickie Blusher

One tap sometimes is enough, but not all brands can give you the look that you wanted right? Especially when it comes to blusher.

Worry not, as La’Dr X Shazreeyana Shukri Anti Acne Quickie Blush is now the only one blusher you ever need. Made their first appearance with the Dr X Shazreeyana Anti Acne Quickie Blush, now they have improved their ingredients more with new colour for you to choose. Malaysia’s 1st Blusher on the go stick blush with anti acne formula wouldn’t need that much space in your makeup bag I guess? You have your blusher and your brush in just a stick now. Get 2 Blushers with 1 price now while they are on sale here.

Kamelia Cosmetics Satin Lipsticks

Going for a satin finishing look on your luscious lips but worrying bout the tight wallet? Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Miracle Satin Lipstick will make your look as perfect as a mermaid with a smooth buttery texture. Who would resist the lips of a mermaid? With their promotion now, you will save more to get that perfect look more I’m telling you. Promotion is still on going here ladies!

Jo're Sense Fragrance

What could finish and sum up your personality without leaving your smell behind? Ones are defined by fragrance they choose. It’s either about romantic, freedom, sexy, classy and bold.

With Jo’re Sense, you can leave up your smell to wonder people more about the real you. Ingredients are carefully chosen with care and extreme precision from France. Who wouldn’t love the smell from good ingredients right? Get one yours today here.

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