Coming down to our Top 5 pick of the week ladies! We know how we have numbers of products that can make you go insane. But, wait up. We have listed the very best of five this week specially for you.

cantikful - Pick of the Week

Yes, we know how important this is in helping you to perfect your look. Thus, a DD Cushion with a Bee Venom is the best you could get. As we aware how good bee venom to our skin is to us, but let me just highlight the best part of all. It can help to reduce your wrinkles. No more 10 inch makeup on your face.

A thinly pat of DD Cushion from Au Revoir to your skin is your secret key to look young and confident. Find more about it here.

Are you being too embarrassed to walk at front just because of having a scar? Regardless at where you are having it, you feel as if you are not perfectly beauty for others to see you on the spotlight? With a serum that can help to fade away the scars, I bet you will no longer feel that way.

B’Clear Scar Serum works best to fade away your flaws and perfect them. No longer shy away and be scared of yourself. Get one with a promotion price here.

If you’re fond of makeup, I bet you know the best part of all ー Lips. Women can get hold of themselves with new variety colors lipstick, says no women ever. Thus, we are sharing this with you just for the sake we couldn’t keep this secret longer.

Formulated in Germany with a non-drying matte finish that could long last for 8 hours, Katlyn Marse is the only answer. Not just that, it’s enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E too. Best way to spend your money is with buying good things that will make you good. Click here to know more.

How good is shea butter could do to you? Those who are really particular in their skin would know how much shea butter meant to them. No more dehydrate, itchy and sore skin if this is in your beauty hack list.

Shea Butter from Oleh Elona is one of the most natural beauty life saviour ones could have. How well did you know that your shea butter is natural? With Oleh Elona, you can just click here.

No one wanted to have a dull face look every morning. Some does not even want their skin to be fairer only but they want to protect them too. With a higher SPF, we know how secure you will feel even staying outdoors for hours and days.

Sevendays Miracle Tri-E Foundation comes with SPF 50 that perfectly easily blend with your skin tone and protect your skin. Get a long lasting complexion with full coverage and anti aging all in one bottle of a foundation here.

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