Oranges are not just for CNY!

Glamora SkincareOften people only know the benefits of eating oranges. But, not many people actually know the goodness of using it on your face or even having it as part of your skincare regime.

As we all acknowledge that oranges are rich in Vitamin C which is good for both internal and external use, oranges too benefits in medication some says. As the smell able to soothe and calm you, some even come out with an orange balm. Browse it through and you might find the benefits in medications too.

But ladies, on today’s post, we going to share with you the benefits of oranges to your skin. So that you can always look up for more fruity and delicious skincare ranges after this, especially when it comes to your beauty secrets.

What oranges can do?

  • Detoxify
  • Treat dull skin
  • Dry & Heal Acnes
  • Works on dark spots
  • Rich in Vitamin C

Yes! Little did we know that oranges we eat on our evening is actually beneficial to our face too! Thanks to Glamora 2-in-1 Fresh Glow Pure Orange Scrub & Mask, now everyone can have a more fruity based skincare to try on! No more harm ingredients to be put on your face, ladies!

With walnut exfoliator, this scrub and mask will definitely help you to smooth away dryness, dull and dark spots instantly! Not to mention that this product is dermatologist tested and it even helps to prevent you from blemishes and acnes too.

Not to forget, the Glamora Pure Orange Deep Clear & Glow Facial Cleanser rich with the goodness from our all time favourite fruit.

What are you waiting for? Give this a try and share with us your own testimonials at www.cantikful.my

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