How was your festive holidays? Looking for the new you in this Lunar new year? Or still searching for that perfect look to complete your new year? While you are on it, do you know out of all skincare and cosmetics we have, which one is the most important of all? Especially, when it comes to a tropical country like us, Malaysia?

Sunscreen is the answer.

We always come across sunscreen benefits ads in our daily life but we can guarantee you that 80% of us don’t really bother about it. Little did they know, that sunscreen is really important to their skin as it may save your life too.

Do you know that without sunscreen, your skin will be exposed to UVA rays and slowly thicken your skin (a process called Unilateral Dermatoheliosis)? UVA rays are able to penetrate through glass windows and clouds and chronic exposure may lead to the destruction of your skin’s elastic fibres - which explains the deep wrinkles. According to skincare.org, it’s almost impossible to avoid UVA rays as they make up 95% of the UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.

Not just that, they too carry skin cancer risks due to the breakdown of DNA and direct toxicity. So, now you know how important wearing sunscreen is even on a cloudy day.

Thanks to Nadre Super Sunscreen SPF50++, we can now protect our skin with a smile. No more wrinkles and crinkles after applying this daily before stepping out. Feel as soft as baby’s skin, with Shea Butter you will get your skin protected as it absorb easily into your skin with a non-greasy texture.

With SPF 50++, you are now protected with a high definition UV protection. No more walking under the sun with an umbrella! Not just that, with this sunscreen too it helps to make you have the glowy and flawless effect you always wanted!

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